Metode & Tegniek - Post-Boland-Pre-Peruvian-Plaaspunk

Metode & Tegniek - Post-Boland-Pre-Peruvian-Plaaspunk

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SUPER LIMITED EDITION of 20 lathe cut vinyl + CD EP.

Post-Boland-Pre-Peruvian-Plaaspunk is a soundscape that springs forth from South African/Afrikaans rural roots.  Stylistically, it combines elements of Afrikaans folk music, blues, bluegrass, old time and cabaret - all filtered through the aggressive, direct and youthful energy of hardcore punk.

With influences as diverse as Jacques Brel, Bad Brains, The Germs, David Kramer and Koos Kombuis, it could be classified as ‘Folk-Singer-Songwriter' with a distinctly ‘Stellenbosch’ flavour. 

Lyrically and thematically, the album is a work of poetic magical realism – a synthesis of reality, imagination and deeper insight, wherein concrete reality and the supernatural merge to reveal metaphysical observation or truth.  This unspoken quest offers a shifting, troubadour-like narration of different perspectives on, stories in, and movements through a landscape populated by the deviants of a ‘medieval’ Boland, which the listener is invited to inhabit and then initiated into.

Through its twisted, idiosyncratic use of Afrikaans, its tensions and releases, and its smack-in-the-face delivery, Post-Boland-Pre-Peruvian-Plaaspunk represents the truly pathetic: A pathos and a going-under by means of which both music and language are overcome, and something much more inexpressible is brought to light.

The package includes a double lathe-cut vinyl, lyric insert + CD 'Dis Jou Land' ep (with hand drawn artwork)

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