Dead Hand

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DEAD HAND is packed with an eerie, gloomy atmosphere that will send chills down your spine throughout the length of the EP. It starts of with a rather timid 'Prelude' before dropping you so deep into the abyss; you won’t know what hit you. Before you get too comfortable 'Ender' rips into you with some awesome vocal work as you’re left in awe and full submerged in the sludgy goodness before it speeds up to add that variety, before almost grinding to a halt completely.

The sludge elements are very evident and some are the hardcore elements, combined perfectly to form a culmination that is second to none in the current landscape within our local scene. Congratulations you’ve survived a third of this incredible EP.

Berns von


A1 Prelude

A2 Ender

A3 Backslider

Side 2

B1 Peasant

B2 Done

B3 Dead Hand

Released through Roastin' Records

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Catalogue number: RR002