Neil Sandilands

Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse — Maanskyn

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Neil Sandilands' debut album - Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse (Maanskyn) is available to order. The Galaxy coloured vinyl LP is housed in a gatefold cover with a printed inner sleeve.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Theo Crous at Bellville Studios, South Africa.

Always one to shy away from the ordinary, Neil has the following to say about the album:

Disparate worlds may exist side by side, harmoniously. I’m an African American. Bona Fide. It has been an immense privilege, with this album, to express musically the duality, if not the plurality of my existence. A blessing it is to have scribbled and sung a larger frame around the anomalous. Africa is my mother, I will always love her like no other. My mother tongue is Afrikaans; born from this savagely beautiful place. My naturalized American status has truly bestowed precious gifts upon me. I have mooigoed (beautiful things) in my knapsak (backpack) - begged, borrowed and stolen from fine people across this globe. Americans have taught me the power of possibility. I have lived there in a poetic way. I know the seasons. I’ve driven the entire West Coast all the way to Prince Rupert. I’ve heard the Cajun rhythms in the bayous of Louisiana and I’ve listened to the brass of nights in downtown Joburg. I’ve seen and tasted Moonshine. I’m proudly both: African and American. My hometown Randfontein, my Scottish ancestry, seeps through my pores. I know Southern Africa like my hands. The sound of a Jakkals is singular. My celestial placement precedes all. I’m simply here, with you, right now. Let’s play! If one can do it musically - and we all can - I reckon we come as close to the sublime as is possible, in this configuration. There’s something unifying about rain in Namakwaland. I’m grateful to the Posse of musicians who helped capture this snapshot. South Africa’s finest. In particular, I’d like to thank Theo Crous who understands navigating the cosmos, beyond Pluto, in a Mustang. “Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse - Maanskyn” is a tribute and reverence for the road. 

With gratitude.

Neil Joseph William Sandilands, May 3rd 2021



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