Black Math

Birth Create Dissipate

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After a string of self-released singles, a 7" vinyl and a full-length album, Black Math joined forces with Khaya Records, Permanent Record and Roastin' Records to bring you Birth // Create // Dissipate. This album is packed with mind-bending-psychedelic-stoner-fuzz, but don't get fooled by the stoner part because it moves at a frantic pace and will leave melting brain matter in its wake.

In a live setting, Black Math is one of the rawest, sonically heavy and chaotic acts you'll ever get to experience. With this release, that experience will be replicated by sounds coming from your turntable whilst you comfortably sit on your couch. Get ready, roll a thing and light up. Things are about to get very deep and very 'eavy.

EU customers can purchase a copy from The Good Times Co. Shipped from the Netherlands