As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand (20 jaar ltd edition)

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Fokofpolisiekar’s iconic debut EP, As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand, continues to be regarded as a South African cultural landmark for an entire generation. This 20-year ltd edition vinyl contains a brand new recorded track and shows up in the original cover artwork.

The design is identical to the original CD's artwork and it includes an additional track. The original CD release had only 7 tracks. The newly added track 8 is an unreleased song titled ‘Blades’.

‘Blades’ and a song named 'Lê en kots' were written just after the recording of As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand in 2003 and were part of the band’s live set until the release of their second album, Lugsteuring, in 2004.

Unfortunately neither made the cut to be recorded as part of the Lugsteuring album. Only a seriously low-quality band room recording of ‘Blades’ was released as a demo on the Bellville Rock City DVD in 2009.

Fokofpolisiekar decided to record ‘Blades’ properly this time around to celebrate 20 years of As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand and to bundle it as part of the 20-year limited edition vinyl where it belongs.

Limited copies are available.