Medicine Boy

More Knives

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The EP’s six tracks, recorded in 2014 over just two days at the beautiful Sunset Studios in Stellenbosch, is a testament to a band in fledgeling phase – wide-eyed, inspired and a bit naïve:

 “There is a recklessness to the playing and production that is so distinctive to that time in our lives. We had just started the band and were determined to get something out as soon as possible. We didn’t even have time to really consider what we were making, it just sort of came out the way it wanted to and we’re still very proud of it”

The seeds sewn on More Knives would appear on the records that followed: the feedback, the primal pounding, the open spaces, all drifting and drowning behind Lucy and Andre’s dual voice.

Accompanying the original six tracks are Blues Roses (originally a hidden track and the first song MB ever recorded) and the spaced-out gutter gospel song, I Miss Sleeping So Much, recorded in 2015.

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