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Carlo Mombelli Stories Now Available online!

Carlo Mombelli's STORIES was recorded live in studio using vintage microphones from the 1940s and mastered on reel- to- reel tape machines.

The ensemble for this recording was Daniel Pezzotti on cello, Adrian Mears on trombone, and Dejan Terzic on drums, a quartet that Mombelli has been playing with in Europe for the last four years.

For this recording he travelled to Switzerland with Mbuso Khoza, a traditional Zulu singer who improvised over the chamber quartet music.  Unlike the schooled European musicians in the band, Mbuso learnt his music on the mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal while herding his father’s sheep.

The vinyl tracklisting is as follow:

Side A

A1 // Motian The Explorer

A2 // Song For Sandra

A3 // Little Window In The Kitchen

Side B

B1 // The Hunter

 B2 The Road Past Nieu-Bethesda

 B3 In-Between I'll Eat Dark Chocolate

B4 Motian The Explorer - Reprise

CAT No. RAP001


This is a collaborative release by Roastin' Records, Angry Africa Records and Permanent Record.